Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ultimatum by The Long Winters

Today we have two great versions of one excellent song.

1. Ultimatum from The Long Winter's EP.
Ultimatum by The Long Winters on Grooveshark
2. Ultimatum from Putting the Days to Bed
Ultimatum by The Long Winters on Grooveshark

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Yoke of CCM and the Man Outside the Box: John Mark McMillan

Today's guest post is by the talented musician Mark Devin Dildine from Dallas.  I asked him if he would share one of his favorite artists with us and we were fortunate enough to get this great post...

Who Sucks

When most of us hear the term "Christian" in referring to music, we normally change the channel or tune down the volume. Most of us, such as myself find this bitter taste in our mouths. And for me being a songwriter and finding depth in everything I read or here, I'm genuinely disgusted at the music the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) Industry puts out.

Whatever happened to the Great music coming from the hearts of men who really loves the Lord? (i.e. Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, Phil Keaggy, Keith Green, and Rich Mullins to name a few) I find it depressing that the heart of the music died with the changing of times. That’s where Jesus Music comes in.

The Definition

“Jesus Music” is a term I’ve use in my frequent. It’s a category that still has a heartbeat outside of the infrastructure of the Christian Media, and surpasses into a statement to promote life and it’s great and hard times while still obtaining the reality of things that God has for us here on earth. It’s to say there is a God who loves us with out all the cheese.

The Example

This is where John Mark McMillan from Charlotte, North Carolina come in. For those who are looking for something that resembles good songwriting dating back to the days when songwriting was a virtue. I’ve checked out at least two of his albums, his sophomore album “The Song Inside the Sounds of the Breaking Down” and his new album “The Medicine.”

Skeleton Bones
[audio:Skeleton Bones.mp3]

Why He Doesn’t Suck

If you have ever listened to Jesus Culture’s “How He Loves” and have loved every measure, you have every charge to thank this man. “How He Loves” is probably one of the most Ground Shaking songs in Worship Music today. On his new album, “The Medicine” you capture the sounds of a man who truly is IN love with the Christ. Every word is drenched in a resounding love and through this grabs you and takes you in. I highly suggest him, who is one of my inspirations by far.

Carbon Ribs
[audio:Carbon Ribs.mp3]

You can find his music available on iTunes or to preview on his MySpace.

Mark Devin Dildine has released two EPs and is currently working on his first LP which will hopefully be out this Summer and followed by a midwest tour. When he's not playing or working he's helping in the Underground Revolution, a non-profit focused on loving the homeless.